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"I have never planned my life" - Sohanna Sinha

Fatima Raheem | April, 15 2016

Every woman aspires to be a great support system for her family and especially for her husband.

And here is Sohanna Sinha - Creative Producer of Triangle Films and the proud wife of Nikhil Sinha.

In a candid chat, Sohanna shares her success mantra of balancing her personal and professional life.

Read on to know!

“When Mahadev was on air, it took six months for people to like it. But for Siya Ke Ram, the feedback has been quick. People do agree that we are showing Ramayan in a different perspective.”
Talking about her involvement in the show, she explains, “My level of involvement in the show has been from day one. We have designers and stylists, but I approve of how my actors will look. I also work as the support system that every actor and actress needs.”

“If you see the history of our production house, our shows are popular because we do not compromise with the styling of the show. When you see a costume drama or mythological show on television, the first thing you see is the look of the show. We do not compromise with the budgeting. We try to do a lot of research as we want our actors to look very grand and different. We keep changing the look of the characters all the time. Personally as a producer, I do not believe that like life we don't get ready in a uniform look, unlike in daily soaps. The actors are given costumes according to the mood of the character in that scene.”

“Nikhil believes that his work should speak for him. He has never been a PR person at all. He has to be pushed to attend an award function and hardly gives interviews. He is least bothered about getting nominated for awards. He is a technician first and then a producer. Apart from producing, he is involved in everything - like make-up, costumes etc. He's also into direction.”

 “I have never planned my life; I was enthusiastic about what comes in my life. I do anything and everything, but yes, I keep a lot of balance as I have a play centre, look at the office work and look after my children at home. It's not difficult to work out that balance - it is how you prepare yourself mentally. I personally do not look upon someone as my inspiration, but as far as work is concerned, I like the way Ekta Kapoor does all the work. Besides Ekta Kapoor, I love the way my husband Nikhil Sinha works. He is a highly creative person. I have grown with him personally as well as professionally. He is a perfectionist and it reflects in his work,” signs off Sohanna.

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