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"I genuinely want to try and do films and TV together." Karan V grover

| August, 13 2015

The hot and smart actor Karan V Grover talks with us, after shooting his first bollywood movie Wedding Pulav.

Sharing about the film wedding pulav Karan V Grover, shares, "well I was doing a show for Shashi Ranjan and Anu Ranjans beti awards in hyderabad and I had grown my beard those days as I was just too lazy to shave, I think thats the look Shashiji liked and he asked his office to contact me and then told me to audition for the part in his upcomin film.  So I did. I guess he liked what he saw"

As Binod Pradhan marks his directorial debut with this film. Sharing exprience working with him. Actor tells, "Binod Sir is a genius and Simple. He can make anything look gorgeous and they eye to detail not only for a frame but towards the nuances of your body language and the inputs that he gives while you are performing just simply enhances your demeanour on camera.  It was truly learning experience with him"

If actor was nervous or prepared. When asked he shares, "obviously I am nervous. Its my first film. And plus I look very different from how I have looked over the years so that is also experimental for me."

When questioned about choosing this film to mark his debut. Actor answers, "To be honest it was a very unplanned development in my life. It was not something I anticipated and frankly the choice for your debut is kind off limited when you don't belong to a film family. But it has made me just belief in the fact 'go with the flow'. And I was doing the same"

When asked if we see him on the small screen soon or is it just films for you now. He shares, "yes you will see me on the small screen soon. I genuinely want to try and do films and TV together."

When asked If it was difficult making a mark in this industry with no God father, he answers, "Yes its difficult to establish yourself in the initial stage. But After a point to be successful everyone has to prove their metal on screen irrespective of the family or godfather supporting them."

Further How was working with Anushka who also makes her debut with the film. He adds, "Anushka is an emotional brat. She gets affected by smallest of gestures in a good and a bad way. She has a crazy sense of  positivity and that is very contagious, she is extremely hard working and has a crazy energy about her which is evident on screen. Plus she is almost 5'11", my tallest heroine so far and that i just love. Loughs"

Talking about fitness regime since he have always looked fit. He adds, "Well I workout everyday for an hour. I try doing about half an hour of weight training,  15-20 min cardio and 15-20 min free hand body weight or functional training. I try limiting my alcohol intake, I don't smoke and try very very hard to not eat too much meetha (sweets) as I have a major punjabi waala sweet tooth."

Actor adds talking about style statement, "wear what makes you feel comfortable and gives you a sense of confidence. Phir chahe woh koi bhi brand kyu na ho" 

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