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" I believe i am born to act only." Sandeep Singh

| September, 18 2015

The hot and young looking Sandeep singh who have done his masters, M.A in theatre and did theatre for 12 years before shifting to Mumbai. He talks about himself and intrests. Actor have done many roles as one of the focusing r like in bollywood, daily soaps and festival films.

"My Aspiration is to work as an actor till my last breath," actor shares. Great go sandeep, even ur fans wish to see you on screen till your long healthy life. Talking than he tells, " I am a method Actor. so I really wish to play that kind of roles which really require me to go through an extensive amount of preparation for getting into the character."

Sandeep talks about how acting bugs bite him, "I always wanted to be an actor since childhood. I am a 'jatt sikh' from Faridkot, a city in Punjab and no one in my family or in relatives were ever into acting, dramas, stage or dance. As my dad mom says, I started doing dramas and dance before I learnt how to walk. As a child I was very famous in my city because of my acting or dance and used to get everyone's attention because of that, then I started doing theatre, joined a dance group and started doing both professionally. My parents, they always encourged me although they did not have any idea about this line. Its because of them, their love & support I started living my dream. Then I started doing it in my school, college, city, like everywhere as I loved doing it the most and realised that acting is what I want to do all my life. I believe I am born to act only."

Everything we go in by wish gives us enough of satisfaction, but we also face some difficulties. When we questioned about the drawbacks, Sandeep feels about in the industry. He says, "As an actor its my decision to work in this industry because I love acting and this industry. so for me, there are no drawbacks I see here, in the industry."

Sandeep is well build. He can keep any girl in aww for him. When we asked to share about his fitness funda. He laughs and speaks, "My Funda To look Healthy is to Take very good care of what and when I eat because that is the only thing which is gonna decide the outcome of my body. I am a fitness freak so I work out, walk and run a lot to have a healthy and fit body. I Firmly Believe Early to bed Early to rise is something very important and everyone should always follow this funda to have a healthy life and body."

"As an actor, I always look for performance based roles. for me thats what matters the most rather than channel or production house." Sandeep concludes answering about his intrest to switch the workmode.

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