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"I am a creative person" - Saba Mumtaz

Fatima Raheem | January, 26 2016

Writer and director Saba Mumtaz is all set to launch her new show, 'Meri Sasuma on Zee TV.

She gets candid about her journey in the industry and her new show.

Speaking about her journey Saba shared, "The journey was wonderful! I am a creative person and I have had the opportunity of exploring all the creative sides of the industry, that is directing a show, writing a show and now producing shows!"

So what is so unique about her new show, 'Meri Sasuma'?

"Meri Sasuma is totally different! It's like Tom And Jerry! It is a full package with comedy, action and drama! Even the serious elements of the show are somewhat funny!".

"I have a big family. I have a lot of sisters and the common enemy between them is the mother in law! They all have some or the other complaints about their mother in law and then they look at me! I have a very good relationship with my mother in law. I then thought about the cindrella like concept in which the girl doesn't have a mother and so instead of seeking for her prince charming, she is looking for a mother in her Sasuma!, quips Saba.

Wishing you good luck for your new venture Saba!




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