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Happy Days are back in Swaragini as Swara and Ragini accept each other

Harsha Masand | April, 07 2015

The big truth of the Gadodia and the Bose family has come out!! And it has gone on to ruin the life of Ragini (Tejaswi Prakash Wayangankar) in Colors’ Swaragini(Rashmi Sharma Productions).

In the ongoing track, Ragini and Lakshya’s (Namish Taneja) love story has been hampered as Lakshya’s father, Durga Prasad (Nagesh Salwan) has refused the alliance after getting to know of Swara’s (Helly Shah) truth.

In the episodes to come, the Gadodia family will suffer a major setback, after which the girls Swara and Ragini will take a drastic stand…

As per a reliable source, “Durga Prasad will instigate the Marwari Samaj about the wrong doings of the Gadodia family. The people in the Samaj will come with dhol and will want to blacken the face of Dadaji (Abhijeet Lahiri). With the family facing this big a humiliation, the girls Swara and Ragini will be deeply hurt, and will decide on accepting each other as siblings, and take in their parents as one family.”

Though the elders in their families will not accept this relationship, they would not be able to rebel against the decision of the new family ‘Swaragini’ being formed. However, they will promise the girls that they will never allow Shekhar (Sachin Tyagi) and Sharmishtha (Parineeta Borthakur) to live as one united family.

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