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Halla Bol brings to limelight the pressing issue of Marital Rape

News Helpline | April, 16 2014

The upcoming episode brings forth the story of a young married woman from Delhi who is assaulted and raped by her chauvinist husband.

Halla Bol, the show that is inspired from real life incidentsand tells tales of victorious, brave-hearted women, will throw light on a critical issue – Marital Rape. Marriage is sacred and anything that happens between two people should be done by the consent of both. This week’s episode narrates a story about Sneha, a young woman from Delhi who gets assaulted and raped by her own husband.

Sneha, a make-up artist gets married to her boyfriend, Tarun against the wishes of her parents and elopes to Mumbai with Tarun. The two have a blissful married life until Sneha starts working. Late working hours, association with male colleagues and her independence agitates Tarun’s chauvinistic mind to such an extent that he starts assaulting her physically and sexually.When Sneha tries to seek help from her parents, they turn their back on her and she is left paralyzed against his torment. She patiently bears with Tarun’s relentless behaviour for a very long time, till a point where it gets intolerable and she decides to fight back.

After Sneha’s endless efforts to make her marriage work, she is only left traumatized and devastated. Breaking free of her shackles, Sneha takes Tarun’s colleague’s help to bring him down and teach him a lesson. What does Sneha do to give Tarun a taste of his own medicine? Will she be successful?

To find out, tune-into Halla Bol, this Friday, 18thApri, 2014 at7 pm on bindass

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