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Ganagaa:Will Gangaa manage to win the dance competition

Harsha Masand | September, 15 2015

Gangaa (Ruhana Khanna) has been seen gearing up for the annual day dance competition in &TV’s Gangaa(Sphereorigins).
But the girl will face a number of obstacles before she would achieve her goal.

Shares a source, “While Gangaa will be ready for her performance on the national song Vande Mataram. But unfortunately another school’s team will go ahead to perform on the same song.”

Oh!! What will happen now?

But don’t worry audience though Gangaa will be shocked and sad, but will manage to perform on a different song.
Further the source adds, “Gangaa will do a contemporary dance and her performance will be dedicated to women power.”

Now, it’s for viewers to watch will Gangaa manage to win the contest?

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