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Fight between creative team and actor on the sets of Gangaa

Harsha Masand | August, 04 2015

Though Sphereorigins show Gangaa (&TV) is winning accolades from critics and other industry veterans, off-screen things seem to be not working well between the actors and the members of the production team, is what we hear.
Well, the recent news that arrives from the set of Gangaa is that seasoned actor Sanjay Gandhi recently got engaged into a verbal spat with one of the members of the creative team.

A source shared with us that many of the cast and crew members are very much irked with Sanjay’s inappropriate behaviour and everything took an ugly turn when he started throwing tantrums and giving more importance to his film schedule. And finally tired of all these when the production team decided to draw a logical conclusion to his track he refused to give his last date for some close up shots. When a member of the creative team tried to sort out the issue, he reportedly used harsh words for her and informed the production house that he will not be working with them any more via text message.

When we buzzed Sanjay, the veteran man brushing off all the rumours stated, "I am not a kind of person who will hold things and will get into fight. If things don't work out I look out for other options. Initially when I was approached for the role, we had a word about my film and the production team knew that I will get busy with the same. Unfortunately things didn't work out as expected.”

"The day before last day of shoot, they informed me about the next day schedule late at night, being aware of the fact that I will not be available for it. When I tried to reason, the particular creative asked me to continue with shoot by using harsh words. After that I decided not to get into any ugly fight, hence, I dropped a message stating that I won’t be available for shoot anymore,” Sanjay added.

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