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Eligible Telly actors talks on role of rose in love tales!

Harsha Masand | February, 08 2016

Roses are flowers of Love. It starts the valentine week. Here we brings you what telly actors think about importance of Rose in a love story!

TANYA SHARMA: I love white roses. I think roses makes people happy and for me it signifies the freshness and fragrance in a relationship.

MANISH GOPLANI: Every relationship are like flowers, which grows in its glory. Rose is the one which connects to the heart, cherish the moments of love in our story.

TEJASWI WAYANGANKAR: For me expressing love is very important, as it makes the other person realise how important he/she is! Which can be done in any manner and the Valentine week gives us a chance to express it in different ways. I am honestly not someone who would want a rose to be plucked out for the person to tell me how much he loves me but yeah something cute like a paper rose made by him would be a sweet gesture. It's the thought at the end of the day that matters and also valentines doesn't mean expressing your love to your partner it's also expressing it to your friends and family which is what I'll be doing. So you'll should also surprise your family.

SHIVIN NARANG: Rose is symbolic of love especially red one and it spreads fragrance and emotion simultaneously.  Rose can be given to your dear friend too. It's all about feelings and emotions which it helps to get express.

MAHIKA SHARMA: Roses are Sweeter than the candies, lovelier then cards and the fragrance will take away hearts. Even soo many option of color to express different relationships. Love story should need its feature like colors, fragrance and beauty.

SSHARAD MALHOTRA: Rose itself sounds and make feels romence everywere. As love have diffrent shades of feeling rose brings us each color to express. I feel rose is beauty by devine to express love in any story.

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