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Ek Mutthi Aasmaan completes 200 episodes!

Sanjukta Sen | June, 04 2014

Well, happy times for the cast and crew of Ek Mutthi Aasmaan as it has completed the successful journey of 200 episodes. The actors and the entire team is very elated and are rejoicing their moment.  
Shilpa Shirodkar loved as Kamla Tai says, "It's been 9 months now I am shooting for the show, it's been an excellent journey. I made many friends it's a pleasure working with such a brilliant team. We enjoy shooting so it's always great fun on the set. I am happy to get opportunity to work with such fantastic unit of DJ's creativity. Talking about my character it is very beautiful, I love Kamla. I believe in the character as even I am very much like her being practical and giving priority to family first. She is principle oriented, want right things to be happen opposing wrong deeds. Being bias for Pookhi is not the truth as in every family siblings think that their parents are partial but only parents can shower undivided love. So now Kamla is stuck between both her daughters but ultimately she needs her daughters to be happy in their life. I would thank my fans to accept me as this is my first TV show and the love I have received is something great not only me but accepting the entire team of Ek Muthi Aasman as the show can't run with one man. It's the love we are getting from fans which making us to prove ourselves in the TRP chart.
Rachana Parulkar seen as Kalpana says, "It is a dream come true role for me to play in the show as I feel very lucky to get the opportunity to work with such a great unit. Not only the unit but great actors like Shilpaji and Ashish who are from Bollywood still they are so comfortable, understanding and helpful which helps you to grow higher. I am similar to my character in many ways as I value more to my family and I am very ambitious in my life. I would ask my fans to keep watching Ek Muthi Aasman as it's only their support and love which motivates to work more better and a big thank you to all my fans for loving us.
Shrini Singh seen as Pooki says, "It is my first show with a new city so in beginning it was like a roller coaster ride as I started with pressure being nervous. I was not aware about anything but the team I am working with is so kind they made me comfortable, helped and supported me which encouraged me to build confidence in me. As it is my first show I got to learn many things and I grew as an actor. The whole journey is beautiful and enjoyable. I adore my character complying of innocent girl born in rich family but have good values with a caring nature. I know fans are not liking my and Raghav's marriage as they started loving Ragna pair (Raghav and Kalpana) and started concentrating on characters but is not fair to judge this way instead they should understand the essence of the show as it is a different story we need to come this way. I would thank fans and viewers for their support and love.
Handsome Ashish Chowdhry seen as Raghav Singhania shared his joy by tweeting on twitter which states as follows, "Hey thank u all for the wishes!! Dunno where n when n how 200 episodes went by. I feel like in plunged into TV,like yesterday! #LuvMyTwamily
Surprised to see so many contests 4 TV shows/actors! Glad to have an entry in ema this early after my entry into TV.. I didn't have d slightest idea of what works on TV when I picked #EMA.Only that I loved #RS's character.N that it glorified d working class.
#RaghavSinghania was given 2 me as a sketch. I was to add d colours. Motions of d character comes 2 me as script. Ur love induces my effort. International viewers do count.There are international rankings too 4 shows.But those are just numbers again.Heartfelt's r true TRP's 4 me.. I have 2 mention that TRP's only mean numbers.EVERY SINGLE ONE who luvs a show truly,from ANYWHERE in d world,determines its fate n fortune."
Our heartiest congratulations to the team of Ek Mutthi Aasmaan!

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