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Eggs, tomatoes and much more in the 4th episode of MTV Roadies Rising

News Helpline | April, 22 2017

The upcoming episode of Renault MTV Roadies Rising has something for everyone! We are not kidding you. Audience will be privy to a lot of action, drama, romance, (yes, we can smell a romance brewing between contestants from rival gangs) eggs and tomatoes. Contestants and gang leaders will be seen participating in a fun task as they compete against each other for immunity.

Neha and Prince’s gang will be competing against each other wherein the gangs will participate in the game of dumb charades. But, wait, it isn’t as easy as it appears to be. While the gang leaders enact the movies their gang members will have to guess the movie names as the rival gangs bombard them with eggs and tomatoes in order to distract them.

Commenting on the task, a source close to the sets said, “This was such a fun task. The gang leaders and members, both had a lot of fun while performing the task. Rannvijay was extremely mischievous as the rival gangs performed the task and was the only gang leader to throw the maximum number of eggs and tomatoes at the contestants.”


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