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Draupadi to be born out of fire in Star Plus' Mahabharat

| January, 04 2014

Draupadi’s birth will be aired in the episode to be telecast on 10 January 2014.
Siddharth Kumar Tewary’s dream project Mahabharat on Star Plus will soon enter its most important phase in terms of story-telling with the birth of Draupadi. As we know, the role will be played by newbie Pooja Sharma.

Maharishi will come and tell Drupad (Sudesh Berry) that through the yagna performed, he will have a son, but the fact is that he will have to accept a daughter first. The daughter who will be born to him will install ‘dharma’ in the world. This way, King Drupad will start his yagna in Kampilynagar wherein he will seek to ask Gods to give him a powerful son. As he would perform, Dhrishtadhyumn will be born. Drupad who will be very happy to get a son would not want to want a girl now, but the Rishis will warn him and ask him to accept her. Finally, Drupad will ask for a girl from the Gods, and this is how Draupadi will be born out of the flames. Draupadi when born will be a beautiful lady who will directly reach adulthood without going through the various transitions in life that start from being a kid.

Watch for this major sequence in Swastik Productions’ Mahabharat in the coming week.

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