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Dolly Bindra clarifies her stand

Fatima Raheem | April, 04 2016

Actress Dolly Bindra was been dragged in to controversy as a 'publicity seeker' when  a certain voice recording of Pratyusha’s mom, Soma Banerjee wailing her heart out to Dolly Bindra got circulated all over the social media platforms and on news portals.

We got in touch with Dolly Bindra who has revealed her real intention for sharing the voice recording.

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 “Well, my intention was not to pass on this recording to everyone in social media. Who gave all these people the right to defame me? These are defamatory statements made against me; do they have enough proof that I did all this? I am tired of justifying myself now. Why can’t people concentrate on Pratyusha’s case and stop making juicy gossips about me and my recording? Just because I speak to everybody, it does not mean that they can nail me for everything.”

She went on to add, “Well, all began when a certain journalist called me and asked me whether I knew of Pratyusha’s death. I scolded her for saying so, and told her that I will check on it though. At the same time, the news of her death spread and people in my WhatsApp chatroom were talking of how it could be a silly April Fool joke. All this annoyed me and I decided to find out. I tried calling Rahul and Pratyusha’s numbers, but they were off. I fetched Pratyusha’s mom’s number, and I called her. Let me tell you, all my phone talks get recorded as my phone is on record 24*7. I am a social activist, and I have been threatened by many earlier on the Radhe Maa case. You must be knowing it. So even your conversation with me is being recorded now. So when I talked to her mother, I really felt something is wrong hearing to her mother’s sobs. So I just put up the recording in my group saying this is no April Fool joke. My intention was not to share it to the whole world. My intention was to tell my friends in the group that this was no joke. But if I had known that this recording will get leaked, I would have not shared it. For a second, I forgot that I am an artist and can be dragged into controversies. Now, I don’t trust anyone. I fired everyone in my group and ridiculed them for this act. I am a person who helps people by going out of my way. So I decided to go to the hospital and look up.”

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