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Directors Kut Productions 'Tere sheher mein' actors enjoying the rain!

Siddharth Dhongle | July, 22 2015

The star cast of  Producer Rajan Shahi's 'Tere Sheher Mein' is getting the perks of shooting outdoor in this wonderful weather.

Rafi Malik, who plays Ramashrey says, "I like to enjoy monsoon in a very relaxing manner. I Like to sit at home having coffee with pakode and samosa. I am not at all fond of rains as I don't like getting wet. One thing which I like is that it makes the weather pleasant and very soothing to chill in the daytime as well."

While Dhruv Bhandari aka Mantu, just like in the serial, has a different opinion, "The only way I'm enjoying is driving to work in the rains. Hectic but beautiful. Otherwise, I love Sitting in bed all day watching movies in the greenery and gloomy weather. I love getting wet."

As we asked both the boys whom do they miss particularly while working on the set, Rafi said emotionally," I am missing my family the most as I used to sit back at home and enjoy all the stuff with my family." on the other hand, Dhruv replied,"No one in particular. My bed actually. Think about it! I could sleep all day."

The rainy season itself works as an appetizer. Though Rafi enjoys Pakoda and samosa with black coffee but certainly has to keep away from it because of ramadan whereas Bhajiyas taste best for Dhruv in the wet environment.

The show which apparently has a young cast enjoys each other's company very much. As Dhruv states, "All my co-stars are my favorite because we all get along like a house on fire."

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