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Crime Patrol to show the case of a Thane resident

Sanjay Tiwari | November, 08 2013

Crime Patrol is all set to bring another spine chilling episode this week. The episode will revolve around life journey of Shiv Vartak, a 30 year old guy who is a member of the Quick Response Team, a division of the Maharashtra Police. The Quick Response team is headed by PI Aadesh Surve, who in April 2013, was at the bedside of his ailing father. PI Surve, was very close to his father and is shattered when his father didn't survive. Putting aside the pain of his father's loss, PI Surve joins back on duty. During his class with the Quick Response Training team, he comes across Shiv Vartak. It's an introductory session in the class where the team members are talking about themselves. On his turn, Shiv tells him that he only knows that his father's name starts with an "S" and has a vague memory of his mother's name being Lakshmi. Shiv stays in a hostel in Thane. Finding Shiv's answers to be quite puzzling, he asks Shiv to meet him after the class. Inside PI Surve's cabin, Shiv shows him a tattoo on his hand which reads the name Shiv S. Vartak. Shiv tells PI that he knows his name and surname only because of this tattoo. Shiv reveals that he got separated from his family 24 years back. He had stepped out of his school along with two of his friends Billoo and Sanjay for an adventure, which he now doesn't remember. They had taken a train and had gone to a station. Billoo and Sanjay had asked Shiv to wait at the station, saying that they would return to take him along. They did not return and after waiting for a long time, Shiv started getting scared and just wanted to return home. But he didn't know which way to go or which train to take. He finally boarded a train and reached a station which was very crowded. He knew that it was not the station near his home but didn't remember where his home was. Tired and scared he slept near a beach.  The next day morning, seeing him cry, a lady accosted him. She took pity on him, took him to her home, gave him food to eat. He then started working with the lady's son. He was pining for his home, did not have any idea about its whereabouts.

One day while returning after his day's work, he met with an accident. He woke up in a hospital. Dr. Vaidya told him that he had been badly injured and had been in semi-comatose state for quite some time. He also told him that the lady who had taken him under her wings no longer wanted him.  After a few months, the hospital transferred him to Anand Kendra, which was a home for orphans. Shiv started living at Anand Kendra. Knowing that he had studied up to 3rd standard, he was put in a school where he started studying. At the Kendra, the mess manager, Ashfaque Karim, fondly called Abbu by everyone became his friend, philosopher and guide. Abbu, made the children get up early and do exercises. Shiv was good at running. When he was in 7th standard, the Krida Prabhodhini authorities had come to his school to select candidates for athletics. Shiv, being a good runner got selected. He was then shifted to the Krida Prabhodini hostel in Thane. Here he continued studying further and also started participating in athletic meets. Several years later, the Krida Prabodhini authorities, encouraged him to apply for the police force as a constable. Shiv did that and was selected in the police force. Shiv now joined the police force as a constable on general duty. He worked for two and half years in general duty, when he was told to apply for the Quick Response Team. Shiv did that and got selected. He was now in the Quick Response Team. PI Surve is amazed hearing of Shiv's journey. He asks Shiv if he ever tried searching for his family, his home.  Shiv says that he did not try because he was not sure if he would be ever find them. Surve asks him if he wants to look for his family. Shiv looks on with moist eyes and says that he has been longing for his family, his home for long. The pining has remained dormant inside him for a long time and meeting PI Surve had rekindled the longing and hope inside him.

Will Shiv be able to find his family??
After accomplishing so many feats, will Shiv be able to overcome the biggest challenge that life had thrown at him?

To find out tune into Crime Patrol, Friday - Saturday 11:00 pm only on
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