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Congratulation to Ashoka for completing 100 episodes.

Harsha Masand | June, 19 2015

Cheers to the fans of Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat.

Contiloe’s historical drama Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat on Colors has hit a century today (19 June).

With the achievement, the cast and the crew are surely jubilant.
When we spoke with Pallavi Subhash aka Dharma, she mentioned, “I am super excited that the show has been received so well and I am thankful that I took it up. My experience has been one wonderful journey.”

So, are you guys celebrating the day? “Well I am not shooting today, so have no idea whether any celebration is happening on the set or not. But, we surely will have a grand celebration in the coming days.”
But, there is also some news which might disappoint few fans.

Well the pretty Agnishikha aka Yashashri Masurkar’s stint in the show is coming to an end we hear.

A source shared that soon Agnishikha and Justin (Sumit Kaul) will get married and after that as per the evil plan of Helena (Suzanne Bernert) the entire palace will catch fire. Though many will escape, some will die including Agnishikha.

When we contacted Yashashri for a confirmation, she stated, “I am very much happy that I have been associated with such a marvelous project and happy that it is gradually making its mark in the television as well as on viewer’s heart. But, as per as the upcoming plots are concerned, I cannot divulge anything about that. I would love the audience to watch it.”

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