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Comedy Nights Bachao leaves Sohail Khan speechless

Harsha Masand | September, 04 2015

Bharti Singh is a class act, when it comes to her comic sense and knack of taking jabs via her jokes.
And we hear that she did the same in the opening episode of Colors’ newest offering, Comedy Nights Bachao which is all set for a launch on 5 September at 10 PM.
On the hot seat in the first episode will be the talented duo, Mika Singh and Sohail Khan.
Bharti and her partners Karan Wahi and Pritam Singh, we hear left the audience in splits as they took up the ‘dare’ of joking about Sohail Khan.

All began with Bharti calling Sohail’s movie ‘Jai Ho’ as ‘Berozgaar Yojna’… And the explanations she gave were indeed hilarious to the core!!

A source from the set says, “Bharti categorically said that the movie included a large number of stars who were without a job. And Sohail facilitated the actors by giving them a job…”

Saare Dost Jinke Pass Kaam Nahi Tha Unko Kaam Diya” was what Bharti had to say in praise of Sohail!!
Haha!! If this tickled your funny bones, then she went on to talk about the manner in which Sohail must have decided on the roles and the actors to play it.

There was a roar of laughter heard when Bharti said that Sohail must have picked people on the basis of what they had. For example, an actor with a coat would have gotten to play a lawyer, and a man with a dhoti would have grabbed the role of a farmer!!

Oh well, wonder how Sohail must have reacted to this jab coming from Bharti!!

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