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Check Out Nandini Singh's "Mood Swings" in Life Ok's Shapath.

Harsha Masand | August, 08 2015

Kesar fame Nandini Singh will play a very emotional role, that of a pregnant lady going through a lot of mood swings owing to a hormonal imbalance!!

The talented actress is happy and glad that she got such a layered role to play.. Viewers will see Nandini essay this complicated role for an episodic in Life OK’s Savdhan India.

Produced by Namanraj Productions, the story will focus on the terrible issues that the pregnant lady (Nandini) will face owing to a severe hormonal imbalance. The girl will be quite rude to her over-caring husband and mother-in-law, and will be very irritated on conceiving for the second time. Her thought process will give out clear indications that she hates the unborn, and the family will be extremely worried on her behaviour as a mother, post her delivery.

As predicted, the girl will continue to dislike her kid even after its birth. And her entry into the neo-natal room to see her new born will result in the kid going missing. With her whole family going against her and believing that she is responsible for her kid’s death, the mother in her will all of a sudden take charge and fight back to prove herself innocent and get her kid back.

The story will deal with a sensitive issue of infant trafficking, wherein a person close to the girl would have found her as an easy target, and would have abducted her kid.

When contacted, Nandini told us, “Yes, this was a very wonderful experience shooting for Savdhan. The role brought out the best in me, especially because I had two layers to concentrate on. Firstly, I had to play a finicky girl going through hormonal imbalance during pregnancy and later, a bold and confident mother who would want her child back at any cost as she has not done anything wrong.”

This engrossing story will bring across the beautiful feelings of a mother.

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