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Charulatha does not replicate Maattrraan.

News Helpline | January, 01 2012

Suriya's Maattrraan, which has been in production for over a year; sounds like very much similar to Charulatha and now Iruvan also sounds the same. But that not true claims Charulatha makers. The only common factor between Maattrraan and Charulatha is that feature conjoined twins in the lead role. The makers of Charulatha agreed saying that, except for the fact that both the films feature the lead actors as conjoined twins, there is nothing similar at all. "Suriya's film is a complete entertainer. It is rumoured to be a 70 crore film. The kind of expectations people have from this film is sure to make the team ensure they have a fabulous product to offer. There's a lot of work going into the animation and effects too, which explains why the film has been under production for so long. On the other hand, Charulatha has been made on a budget of 6 crore. Ours is a thriller, inspired by a Thai horror film. We have shot two versions of the film - one for Kannada and one for Tamil; at different locations with a slight difference in cast too. There have been budget constraints, but that has helped us plan better," explains filmmaker Yogish Dwarakish. Incidentally, shooting Charulatha in two versions has been a conscious effort. "Over the last 20 years, no multilingual film has made the cut. The reason could have to do with the fact that the audience for each film industry is different. While some expect realistic cinema, others don't feel their theatre outing has been worth their money if they have not seen enough drama on the screen. However, the Malayalam and Telugu versions of Charulatha will be dubbed from their Kannada and Tamil versions respectively," he explains. While Suriya's film is expected to hit the screens much later this year, Priya Mani is currently dubbing for the various versions of her film. "Priya is dubbing in all four languages, as she is well versed in all of them," says Yogish.

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