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Channel V's Mastaangi to see "Sword of Honour" competition.

Harsha Masand | March, 29 2016

Channel V's Mastaangi to see "Sword of Honour"competition.

The young audience of Channel V’s popular show,  Mastaangi(Studio B&M Pvt. Ltd.) can look forward to romance, drama, fun as well as intrigue in the month of April...

Well, the focus will be on the prestigious Sword of Honour Competition in the college, wherein the lucky winner will be rewarded with a scholarship. And the best students of the college, Karan (Aakash Talwar) and Ria (Swati Kapoor) will fight to win the contest. 
And amid this challenging competition will spring the breezy romance story of Karan and Ria. 

The competition will have various rounds which will involve boxing, stage performance, basket ball match and much more... 
Well, to up the drama quotient, the makers will play around the scheming plot of Ishaan (Raaj Singh Arora) to make use of Anaita (Himani Sahani) to kill Karan during one such play out in the competition. Well, the twist in the tale will be that Ishaan will want to plan Karan’s death in such a way that Ria will go on to be blamed for the death. 

Will history repeat itself? Will Ria end up killing Karan in this birth too? Or will their unfulfilled love get to be complete?

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