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Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat to see Chanakya's death open a new chapter in it

Harsha Masand | November, 26 2015

Ashoka's death in Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat has brought in a new sequence.

 The exit of seasoned actor Manoj Joshi from the Colors popular show, Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat(Contiloe).
Well, we now give you more details on the heart-breaking death of Chanakya in the show.

As per the ongoing track, Khallatak (Manoj Kolatkar) has sent a letter to Chanakya to meet him alone in the forest region. The idea and plan of Khallatak and his team is to trap Chanakya alone and kill him.

As per sources, “In tonight’s episode, Chanakya will succumb to the deadly trap laid by Khallatak, Helena (Suzanne Bernert), Charumitra (Prinal Oberoi) and Sushim (Sumedh Mudhgalkar).”

The scenes will be emotional as all the four of them will pull their swords out and stab Chanakya. The final blow will of course, be given by Siamak (Faizan Khan) who will stab Chanakya right on his heart.

Meanwhile, Ashoka (Siddharth Nigam) who would get a sniff of something going wrong with Chanakya will come to the forest area. But before he would set his eye on Chanakya, Khallatak will set the hut in which Chanakya is put on fire.

However, Ashoka will come to the place and rescue Chanakya from the hut. But the sad part will be that Chanakya’s body will already be burnt.

As his last words to Ashoka, Chanakya will tell him that his journey has ended while Ashoka’s journey will begin now.
With Chanakya’s death, there will be sorrow all over.

We also hear that post Chanakya's death Akramak's (Sachin Verma) character will also come to an end, while trying to safeguard the interest of the Mauryan empire.

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