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| September, 04 2015

Krishna and Radha are the universal symbols of eternal love. The divine love between the two even inspires the lovers of the present world. Krishna was a god specially made for women. Women of all ages were his great fans. Radha, his lover acquired importance because through her feelings and personality she articulated the silent yearnings and fantasies of the whole Indian women.

Here we have some Indian celeb, Who talks about Radhe-Krishna love tales.

KARANVIR SHARMA: Flirting and romance both have to be very spontaneous and witty. It just amazes me of the the special powers lord krishna must have to handle so many women in his life. Well if you ask me I am no expert in the topic of flirting but I am a hardcore romantic. What I have noticed is that a woman likes the simple thoughtful gestures like making them laugh, buying them flowers, chocolate or making coffee maybe, well not in any particular order. But these are one of a few things every One has tried countless times and always works. More than anything you do nothing is more romantic than a man who actually listens and has a witty,humorous side to him.

HIMANSH KOHLI: Unlike Lord Krishna, I beleive singing and dancing is the best way to healthy romanticizing and flirting. Which eventually becomes a part of it,  as you"ll get many opportunities to interact, express yourself while looking into partners eye's making them feel comfortable.

RUBINA DILAIK: Krishna, the mischievous and adorable is the epitome of pure divine love! I am sure every woman who has known his "Pranay " has always wanted a love interest like him. I was very fortunate to essay the role of Radha in Choti Bahu as Radhika  and experienced the spiritual ecstasy of this divinity! I always cherish and day dream the Raas Leela, which in Indian mythology is an authentic expression of playful love!

MAHIKA SHARMA: For me a man should be filled with power and romance. When Radha's love stories tell us Krishna's romantic stature, Arjuna's brave story conveys Krishna's true wisdom.Well, romance may be there in everyone at every time and every place. But what about wisdom? People of wisdom can be romantic but not necessarily vice versa. There may be some, who are highly romantic but lack wisdom.

PRIYANSHU JORA: I essay Titu who is from Mathura and though his mom thinks he's like Krishna and blessed by the Lord. In real life, obviously no one can compare with Krishna when it comes to his legendary flirting skills. I would like to think I'm pretty decent at it, and one thing I have in common with Krishna is that both of us have playful flirting styles, so I'm influenced by the best! I believe there should be romance in a relationship.

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