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Celeb from Assam in Mumbai share their feelings for the home state on the eve of ASSAM DAY

| December, 02 2015

December 2 has been celebrated in Assam as the  Asom Divas (Assam Day), Assam has a unique landscape with sprawling tea gardens and unending stretches of paddy fields interspersed with groves of coconut, areca nuts, and banana trees. Celeb from Assam share their feelings and love for the state, Assam. They talk on how government should put eye for the upbringing of the state.

RATI PANDEY: The best thing I love about assam is the warmth among the people and their hospitality. Its well known for its heritage and greenery. Especially for the quality of tea which you cannot get else where. The things that the Government of Assam should work upon majorly is in their education system, employment and majorly on putting up good industries in the states focusing more on plywood industries, as I remember more than 800 plywood industries were shut down during 2002-3 and it was mostly in Assam for this lot of people are still out of work and facing lot of difficulties and lot of factories have become nothing more than an empty shack now. So I think the government needs to revive this heritage which it was known for.

DIPANNITA SHARMA: Having born and brought up in Assam and being a true Assamese I feel very strongly for the region despite not living there. I feel the entire essence of Assam has been under wraps for too long, not just its problems in the past but also its culture. Thankfully through the efforts of the Assamese people collectively and individually as well as some steps being taken by past and present government, slowly but surely Assam is finding its way for its time in the sun. Assam is a wonderful land of our country, full of soft, sensitive and beautiful people, of a unique culture. I hope we can celebrate its uniqueness beauty forever.

MAHIKA SHARMA: Assam is the land where warmth among the people and their hospitality can be easily felt and can be seen. Indian government should think about the development of Tea-based industry here. Coal, petroleum and natural gas, limestone and minor minerals are produced in the state so it makes the land rich enough. Assam is also known for its rich forest wealth with varieties of flora and fauna. The state itself is golden land for the country. If one thinks about the art and culture of the state it would take hearts away. I really have special value and respect for my state Assam. No doubt India is my family but Assam is to be my parents.

PARINEETA BORTHAKUR: Assam to me is the most beautiful place in this world. I have grown up in Duliajan, a clean, beautiful town where the bungalows were constructed during British time, and are still beautiful. It is the head quarters of oil India limited. After coming to Mumbai, and living here for the last 15 years, though I am used to the city life, but still I miss the greenery, the open spaces and those slow and lazy days in Assam. The best thing about the state is that we don't have dowry system and people in general are simple,  artistic in their views and are broad minded. This makes Assam and Assamese people different from the rest of the world.

ARUNIMA SHARMA: Assam is one among the most beautiful states in our country India. Government of Assam should keep eyes on textile industry or tourism. The national highway needs to be made much much better and of course water and electricity problems really needs to be taken care of. Assam is also very rich in culture, amazing cuisine. We have beautiful hand woven clothes, Assam silk and what not. We need to make all these things known not just to the people of this country but also to the world. Assam has the potential of being one of the top most tourist destination of this country.

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