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"Both TV and films have their own pros and cons." Shamin Mannan

| February, 05 2016

Beautiful and talented Shamin Mannan, who was last seen on Colors' Sanskaar - Dharohar Apnon Ki, has been away from television since quite a while now. Shamin has made her way to the big screen and will be soon seen playing one of the leads in the upcoming movie 'Love Shagun'. We quizzed Shamin more about her movie, her journey in the industry so far and her future plans.  

Tell us about your journey so far?

It's been quite a journey. I had dropped out of engineering college and got on a train to Mumbai with nothing but a dream to make it big and since then, there has been no looking back. I started with television and my first show was Santaan on Star Plus as one of the leads. I did couple of shows on different channels. My last show was Sanskaar on colors as the main lead Bhoomi. After that I decided to take a break from TV and try my luck in movies. I did couple of Ads and then 'Love Shagun' happened, where I play one of the Leads.
You're finally making your film debut! How does it feel?

It feels good! I think it's a decent start for a girl like me, who comes from Assam without any film background or godfather. Love Shagun is a romantic comedy where I play the role of a bar dancer, Shama, who is an innocent and simple girl in search of love. It was very difficult to portray a bar dancer with Mumbaiya lingo, yet keeping the innocence and cuteness intact. I have worked hard to reach here and this is just a start. I still have a long way to go.

How challenging has your transition from TV to Films been?

Obviously it's been a difficult transition. In order to get into movies, I had to shed all the baggage and start from the scrap. It's like getting down from one peak to climb another from ground level but then there is no fun if there are no challenges in life. In films it doesn't matter how much work you have done on TV or how famous you are; all that matters is how talented you are. I have learned to be patient during the process. Many a times I felt like giving up and going back to doing TV shows as there were tempting offers coming my way, but my love for films kept me going on.  

What do you enjoy more...TV or films?

To be honest, I enjoy films more because in a short span of time you get to live different characters with different films. Both TV and films have their own pros and cons. TV gives you more exposure and financial stability. On the other hand, films give you work satisfaction in terms of creativity. Doing a film challenges the actor inside you in each and every scene. For me, doing films is intoxicating; I crave for more and can't wait to portray another role in another film soon.

What are your expectations from the movie 'Love Shagun'?

'Love Shagun' is a fun and relatable film and my character Shama is very interesting. My director has appreciated my work, so half of my job is done here. Shama was a difficult character to pull off but with my hard work, I think I have managed to do justice to the role and I hope people will love my character along with the film. I expect this will give a decent start to my film career. Whatever be the outcome 'Love shagun' is my first film so it will always be special. Nonetheless, it was a great learning experience for me.

About future plans?

I only believe in hard work and perseverance; that's my only plan! Rest whatever happens will happen with the flow. Of course I would love to do more films and portray different kind of acting oriented roles on the big screen but at the same time, I am open to TV if anything good comes along. I love dancing, so I would love to do a dance reality show in future.

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