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Both of us are non-stop chatter box end up arguing with each other. :Shashank

Harsha Masand | February, 23 2015

Who said that an argument always leads to serious quarrel? Sometimes it can also be a fun pastime.

Sounds a bit wired, isn’t it?

Well, it surely isn’t the same way for Balika Vadhu actors Shashank Vyas and Aasiya Kazi who often engage in such a unique pastime.

Read on to know what happens when the composed and matured on-screen couple Jagya aka Shashank and Ganga aka Aasiya fight with each other off-screen.

Well what we hear is that these two lively souls, who have now become close buddies off-screen, are having a gala time on the sets by quarrelling with each other.

Shashank, who candidly mentioned, “Both of us are non-stop chatter box, who can never remain quiet and end up arguing with each other. So, often during our break time we start fighting with each other, but all in a lighter vein, nothing serious.”

When we contacted Aasiya, she echoed the same and said, “He is my closest friend on the sets of the show and honestly speaking earlier I used to be very proud about mastering the art of arguing but now, he is giving me a tough competition,” (laughs).

“On a serious note, apart from our stupid fights, I also ask for suggestions from him. Unknown to many, Shashank is a thoughtful, philosophical individual who can always guide you properly,” added Aasiya.

This one is a pretty strange way of bonding we have to say.

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