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bindass Halla Bol - episode 05: Let your past not hamper your future dreams‏

Siddharth Dhongle | December, 27 2014

Let your past not hamper your future dreams

 The upcoming episode will feature an inspiring story of a young girl who fights to fulfill her dreams for a better future by letting go of her past 


A person’s past does not define him, destroy, deter or defeat him. It only strengthens him. Something similar will be portrayed on the upcoming episode of Halla Bol, that showcases the story of a young  girl who stands to pursue her dreams, leaving her past behind. Halla Bol, the show that chronicles the indomitable spirit of women, will showcase some heart-warming stories of women breaking stereotypes and emerging as real heroes in its new season. Karan Tacker will be seen taking the audience through the amazing journey of women who have dared to achieve their dreams irrespective of the circumstances.

Rati, a young and talented girl is a bright student and always tops in her class. Rati seems to be a regular girl to the world but is having her share of troubles in hiding an identity of being a daughter to a prostitute, who puts up with her in the red light area of the city. Rati aspires to become something big and flee away from the shackles of life which she never wished to live. Her world comes falling down when she learns that one of her classmates Akshat, discovers about her secret life. Akshat starts blackmailing and harassing Rati with awful demands. Rati makes a firm decision to not fulfill any of his horrifying demands, which makes Akshat agitated and he goes on to reveal Rati’s secret in the college. She is banned by her friends and to add to her terror she is also removed from her college.

Will Rati’s dream for a happy future be devastated? Will Rati’s past destroy  her future? Or will she fight to fulfill her dreams?

To find out Rati’s story, tune into Halla Bol, this Sunday, 28th December, 2014 at 6 pm on bindass!

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