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Bigg Boss Update: Mandana,Rochelle,Keith and Prince win Luxury Budget task.

Harsha Masand | December, 05 2015

Manadana,Rochelle, keith and Prince win the luxury budget task this week.

The latest task on Bigg Boss (Endemol & Colors) without any doubt is an interesting one.

And the viewers will surely enjoy this one as the luxury budget task for the week will test all the negative emotions of the contestants.

Eager to know who will win in the task?
Here we are to provide you with the details.

As Bigg Boss is focusing on the 5 dosh task- lust, anger, greed, ego and laziness, Prince’s team will win the task. As per sources, Prince will emerge victorious in the lust task, while Mandana will win anger task and Rochelle will succeed in winning greed and laziness task.

While Rochelle will not select to chose the direct ticket to finale, Kawaljit will. And later on, it will turn out to be the fake ticket, making him loose the greed task.

On the other hand, we hear Kawaljit will win the ego task.

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