Sun, 24 Sep, 2023
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Bigg Boss Update: Mandana back in the house,Rochelle and Prince nominated.

Harsha Masand | November, 18 2015

Mandana who was evicted is back in the house.

As per sources, as soon as Mandana would be out, the inmates would be seen bitching about her. As for the girl, she would be seeing the entire footage in the comfort of the secret room. Disappointed by her ‘so called friends’ attitude, Mandana would be seen fuming post her comeback.

With Bigg Boss giving her the chance to nominate two people, she would name Rochelle Maria Rao and Prince Narula. Stating that she thought them to be friends, Mandana would call them back stabbers. She would also tell that though Kishwer Merchantt doesn’t like her, she at least doesn’t fake her emotions in front of her.

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