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Badii Devrani to see shocking past of Vibhor's life.

Harsha Masand | August, 17 2015

Loyal viewers of &TV’s Badii Devrani (Shashi Sumeet Productions) witnessed some major drama in last few episodes with Reeti’s (Megha Chakraborty) truth about being a MBA graduate getting revealed.

And now, get gear up for some more drama readers.

What we hear is that a bitter past related to Vibhor (Mudit Nayar) will now leave the entire family in shock.

Wondering what will happen?

With Poddar family coming together for Jagrata, Bhairavi (Priyamvada Pandey) will have an evil plan to destroy the entire family.

Shares a source, “Amidst Jagratra and religious celebration, Bhairavi will hypnotize Manbhari (Roshani Shetty). And in a trance state Manbhari will reveal that Vibhor is her child while Megha (Kajol Shrivastav) is Prabha’s (Reena Kapoor) daughter. This new revelation will shock the entire family.”

How will Vibhor react to this truth? Will this revelation change Vibhor’s life?

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