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Anusha Dandekar urges women to take a stand against relationship abuse

| February, 13 2017

MTV Love School Season 2 has been quite a ride for the couples who are participating on the show. With the show nearing its end, the pressure of doing well is getting on to the contestants. While the tips from Love Gurus, Karan Kundra and Anusha Dandekar have benefitted a lot of couples and have helped them graduate from Love School Season 2, the equation between a few couples have gone from bad to worse. In the upcoming episode of MTV Love School Season 2, Jacqueline and Varun Narula were seen hitting each other. Known to be extremely aggressive and disliked by other Love School couples, Jacqueline and Varun have had a turbulent relationship in the past and took to Love School to sort out their issues. Varun has cheated on Jacqueline several times before they made their way to the school of love.
In the upcoming episode Karan and Anusha were shocked when they got to know about Varun and Jacqueline physically abusing each other on Love School. Karan was handed over the CCTV footage and was extremely upset with whatever happened. Karan and Anusha were so upset with whatever happened that they had to ask the couple to leave Love School. The most shocking part was that even while leaving, the couple abused other contestants and only then did they make their way out.
An upset Karan said, “This is one of the worst nights of Love School Season 2.” On urging women to take a stand against relationship abuse, Anusha said, “Please women of the world, value yourself enough to know that a man raising his hand on you is not okay. It never will be and it never was. That’s all I am going to say about that.”

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