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Ali will be seen facing challenges from both Rahul and Gautam in Bigg Boss.

News Helpline | January, 14 2015

Bigg Boss8’s Halla Bol is catching up fire with each and every day something interesting coming up.

This time we will see Ali will be seen facing challenges from both Rahul and Gautam.
The two will provoke Ali.

Rahul will be seen engaging into a conversation with Ali Quli Mirza, where Rahul will be seen asking Ali about his farting habit.
In response to Rahul’s question, a shocked Ali will be seen ignoring him and will take it in a lighter vein. But, as we know Rahul, this will never discourage the lad and he will continue that Ali is indeed a dirty man.

Provoked by Rahul’s comment an angry Ali will then be seen challenging Rahul that if he does not remain quiet then he will fart on his face when he will be sleeping at night.

But, this can never demoralize Rahul’s spirit as he will accept Ali’s challenge and will remark that if Ali does something like that then he will make sure that Ali is thrown out of the Bigg Boss house.

If this was not enough then Gautam will be seen provoking Ali to cut his call during the call centre task to gain some points for his own team. Referring to Ajaz’s incident Gautam will be seen asking Ali whether he wants a mouth to mouth from him. To which, Ali will be jokingly remark that he does not mind that as it has been long time since he received one.

Though Ali would manage to handle the situation in a humourous way it will rather be interesting to see whether he finally will fulfill Rahul’s challenge or not.

The entire episode will air tonight.

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