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Actor Vishal Singh shares about style!

| October, 26 2015

Popular actor Vishal Singh who is better known as Jigar from the show Saathiya recently explored himself in the international fashion circuit.

Talking more on this Vishal says,"I walked for LA fashion week. It was an amazing experience as I was working with different fraternity altogether. The way they treat their people is very nice." 

Vishal already have walked on ramp before in India. Vishal adds, "I was the only Indian in the event and I guess I am the first Indian to walk there ever. It was my International debut and I am happy that it went well without any error."

Talking about his nervousness Vishal adds, "Initially, I was nervous but the people over there made me comfortable as if I belong there. I didn't feel like outsider at all. I did three shows for them."

The theme of the show was  Beach wear which had chains, Bermudas and t-shirts. But isn't it Beachwear means less clothes. Were you comfortable wearing it? "I was OK with it. At first the costume was far too small for my body. But instead of complaining I silently came out wearing it and the designer himself realized that and made me change."

Interestingly his onscreen character  Jigar is simple and homely, not much into fashion whereas Vishal is completely different in real life, contrast we can say. So how does people react when they see you like a style icon? Vishal says,"People have surprised but they come to me saying that they love my style and the way I carry myself. It's a great feeling. I have come across some people who are happy to see me on TV along with doing the fashion show  in real life."

Onscreen Jigar only wears safari suit or kurta pyjama along with a neheru jacket. So what is fashion for Vishal? "Fashion for me is my life. I love dressing well and also love to shop my own stuff. I never get bored. There are some brands I like which provide very stylish look and which I can afford. I buy those brands only, not the regular clothes."

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