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A tale of love, trust and betrayal, on Emotional Atyachaar

| January, 03 2014

Bindass' show Emotional Atyachaar. episode 53 - Shaadi Mein Atyachaar.

This week, the show brings the story of a simple village girl who marries the one she loves, only to be betrayed by him and be made to face hardships all alone~

When situations in life take place all of a sudden, one tends to believe it is fate or destiny. But sometimes, things do not always turn out in your favour. This is what happens on this week’s episode of Emotional Atyachaar. This week’s story is about Ritu, a simple, small town girl from Jalandar. Ritu first met Sunny through her friend Anju. Soon after, Sunny asked Anju about Ritu and they both got talking. Ritu was very happy talking to Sunny. Slowly, over time, Sunny and Ritu fell in love with each other. A few months down the line, Sunny asked Ritu to marry him and she readily agreed. Ritu was aware of the fact that her family would never accept Sunny as he was not settled in life but her love for him was all pervasive.

The two of them soon got married and started living in a rented apartment. Ritu spent her best times with him here but it was merely ten days since their marriage that his brother had called Sunny informing him about the arrival of his permanent residency in London. With a very heavy heart she bid him adieu while he seemed very excited about the fact that he was to fly abroad and work. They continued their relationship by talking on video calls and staying in touch. Things were going quite smoothly but that was not to last. Soon, things had started going a little off track. The number of calls Sunny made diminished drastically. They did not message each other like before, though he said that this was because they were busy. One day however, Ritu got a call from someone saying she was Sunny’s to-be wife. When she confronted Sunny about this on a video call, she heard a female voice mentioning that it was her who had called and that Sunny was to marry her. She was horrified to see her standing behind Sunny and seemed utterly traumatised.

Ritu wanted to end her life but she then decided to change her mind and make Sunny pay for what he had done to her. She went to the Sarpanch of his village and issued a complaint against him. Does Ritu get justice? Does she make Sunny pay for what he did to her?

To find out, tune into ‘Emotional Atyachaar 4’, this Saturday, 4th January 2013, at 7pm only on bindass!

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