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Will Amba’s lie be exposed in &TV’s social drama -‘Waaris’

News Helpline | June, 23 2016

~ With the 7 year leap, Manpreet will now step out of home. But how long will Amba be able to hide Manpreet’s identity? ~
~ Starting June 27th, Monday to Friday at 10.00 pm only on &TV ~

&TV’s social drama Waaris traces the journey of a girl whose identity is hidden by her own mother and has been raised as a boy under adverse circumstances.  This bold and fearless mother Amba(Aarti Singh) lied to save the life of her children. But how long will this truth be hidden? Manpreet(Saniya Tauqueer) who Amba has shielded at every step has now grown up and groomed into a strong young boy. With the show taking a 7 year leap and Manpreet stepping out of the house… will Amba’s lie be exposed by her own brother–in-law Jagan(Akshay Dogra)? Produced by AshviniYardi'sVini Yard Films, starting June 27th, Waaris will be aired every Monday to Friday at 10.00 pm only on &TV.
With the seven year leap, little Manpreet will be shown attending school while Amba makes sure that none of the family members have any suspicion about his identity. As young Manpreet is all set to face the world, how long will a mother be able to shield her daughter when traitors exist in the family itself?  On one hand, her own brother-in-law Jagan has been plotting a plan to disclose Manpreet’s identity to acquire the title of the ‘Sha’ in their community and on the other hand, HarjeetBajwa (SiddharthSuryavanshi), their rival, wants to get rid of the entire Pawania family to establish supremacy in the community.
What does destiny behold for Amba and Manpreet? Will Amba be able to safeguard Manpreet’s identity or will Manu meet the same fate as her father? The answers to these questions will unfold as the show takes a 7-year leap next week.
Speaking on the 7-year leap,Aarti Singh who plays the role of Ambasays, “When I took up Waaris I knew I had a huge responsibility vested upon me with the character of Amba. If Amba’s husband had not died then probably the child’s identity would never have had to be hidden. It’s a hard hitting concept and there is an underlining message of gender equality that we want to highlight to the
viewers. Additionally, with the 7 year leap, the relationship between a mother and her child will be explored beautifully.”
Adds Akshay Dogra who essays the character of Jagan, “Jagan is hell bent on acquiring the family fortune and can go up to any extent for the same. While he knows about Amba’s secret, he is unable to prove it. This is what makes him even bitter. With the leap, the audience will see a more revengeful Jagan. It’s quite a challenge to play this character because he has all the right qualities, but he channelizes them in a wrong manner.”
Apart from Aarti Singh, Akshay Dogra, child actor Saniya Tauqueer, the show brings together popular actors that includes names like SidhantSuryavanshias HarjeetBajwa, VandanaLalwani as Amrit, LavinaTandon as Swarup, Harjeet’s sister, Swati Bajpaias RaveePawania and SuchetaShivkumar as Deena, Amba’s mother in law.
Tune in to watch Waaris starting June 27th, every Mon - Fri at 10.00 PM only on &TV!

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