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Rajeev Khandelwal says “Ten more kisses to get close to Emraan Hashmi”

News Helpline | April, 10 2015

The 'Aamir' actor, Rajeev Khandelwal, who will be seen on a new TV show 'Reporters', will be donning the role of a senior journalist opposite actress Kritika Kamra, the show is already making news with couples kissing but Rajeev says, he would need to do ten more such shows and such kisses even to reach close to Emraan Hashmi.

During the launch of the show, Rajeev Khandelwal and Kritika Kamra had a media interaction, in which actor shed some light on the truth about kissing and slapping in the show.

During the making of the serial, two events went viral on social media. First, Rajeev getting slapped and Second, Rajeev kissing Kritika. Latter part went viral as compare to the first part. So is he trying to reincarnate Emraan Hashmi on small screen?

“I would seriously need to do ten such shows and ten more such kisses, even to reach close to Emraan Hashmi, and this not the first time, I am doing it, the idea was not about the kiss” says Rajeev.

“I think slap was the one, because I got hit really hard. And that is what I was thinking and hoping, I think that is what hits the audience very hard, for me it was never about kissing, it was the slap that made the difference” Says Rajeev.

“Btw, on twitter, what was trending, was not Rajeev’s kissing Kritika, it was Kritika Slapped Rajeev” adds Rajeev.

This serial would mark Rajeev’s comeback after Sach ka Samna, which was 3 long years ago.

“Show is not comeback, Premise is, I wanted to be a part of the season for a very long time, when I heard about the premise of the show, and when I got the call, I was excited about it” Says Rajeev.

“I have been around for a decade now, I have been interacting very closely with media, I have friend in media, I answer their questions, day in and day out, so one do have a fair and square idea about this world operate or functions” Says Rajeev about portraying the role of editor in chief and preparation for the role.  

So Kiss and slap are both part of the serial, nothing out of ordinary happened. 

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