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Life OK’s Nadaan Parinde to go off air on 26 September, makers’ bids good farewell!

News Helpline | September, 12 2014

Imtiaz Punjabi and Chokkas Bhaardwaj's popular show for Life OK, shot uniquely in Chandigarh, Nadaan Parinde will go off air on 26 September, after a extension which was given till 5th September.

Recently, the entire unit associated with the show had a farewell party to celebrate the moment. The party was specially organized by the Producers for the entire team. Everyone had mixed reactions, while they were happy to get back to Mumbai after so many months, there was sadness as they had to depart to their abodes. However, the entire team rejoiced, danced and had fun.

Confirming the news, Producer Imtiaz Punjabi said, "Yes, Nadaan Parinde will go off air on 26 September. As Producers, we have never talked about the hardships we have faced in setting up the show out of Mumbai. But considering all that we underwent, I will say that it is an achievement for us to have been for nine months. I would have been happy if we could have completed a year, but all said and done, it is an achievement. All are having mixed feelings, they are going to their homes, but are departing from one big home. As producers, we too look forward to the future, and Nadaan Parinde has been a good learning experience for us too."

Rajshri Productions' Mere Rang Mein Rangne Wali will launch on 6 October, and will take the time slot of Nadaan Parinde.

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