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Krystle D’souza, the first Television star to launch her Own Mobile App with New York Based EscapeX

| April, 21 2017

Krystle D’souza, announced today the release of her new mobile app in collaboration with New York-based tech firm EscapeX. The new app will enable fans to access Krystle’s social handles (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram) and directly interact with her through the in-app social feed. This provides an unparalleled experience for her large fan base, who will enjoy unique & exclusive content from Krystle and a personal view of her life.

The app will provide unique features like push notifications, Featured Videos, Superstar posts, contests, Super fan badges, a subscription service, and live Broadcast and chat between Krystle and her fans.

An exciting, patented feature will transform how fans interact with Krystle by giving them the option to boost their or their peers’ comments to increase visibility and actually be seen by the star herself. By turning recognition into virtual currency, the entire fan base can trade their earned or purchased in-app currency to promote themselves and others to the top of the comments feed and become Top Fans. This one of a kind tool also increases fan-2-fan engagement, while giving users a true sense of community.

For Stars like Krystle, this kind of independent digital route and the ability to build a community on her own platform offers a major advantage. Being completely free for fans, the app will display the same targeted advertising content users see on Facebook, Twitter and Google, with revenue going to the person who produces the content that drives people to these apps and websites in the first place.

An artist-owned app garners the star a greater slice of ad revenue, while also scooping up data on the content fans like most and enables the direct sale of all sorts of merchandise. By creating her own branded app, Krystle hopes to provide her massive fan base with a constant stream of interesting content, better social engagement and a very interactive experience.

"Fans are always going out of their way and doing so much, be it my birthday or any festival or occasion or most of the time nothing at all….but that doesn't stop them from showing love… what better way to shower some love back on them and show them how much I appreciate having them in my life, than an app. I am very excited to have my own app with such amazing features. I always wanted a platform where I can directly get in touch with my fans and interact with them. This App helps my fans to interact with me on one on one. All social media handles that i am a part of will be clubbed together on this one platform hence It enables me to have a deeper engagement with my fans. I shall be running some really cool contest and even cooler gratifications. The content on this app will be something totally new and innovative for my fans where the engagement will be at its peak..." Said Krystle​

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