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Ekta Kapoor Unveils Twist About “Pyaar Ko Ho Jaane Do”

Ravi Sharma | October, 31 2015

“This is probably a bit radical, even for me to do a show on something so current, as animosity between religions and two countries” says Ekta Kapoor at the Launch of New Balaji show, Pyaar Ko ho Jaane Do.

“Pyaar Ko Ho Jaane Do” featuring Mona Singh and Iqbal Khan is based on the story of an affluent modern Punjabi family.

Mona and Iqbal play married couple and show presents nitty-gritty of married life, but underneath his superficial facade, lays a terrible truth, the real identity of characters, the real twist and Ekta Kapoor held a press conference to reveal the secret.

Ishaan, played by Iqbal khan, in fact, is a spy from a neighboring country! Shocker, isn’t it!

Ekta Kapoor talked about how soap’s changed the view point of viewers and it’s about time we really talked about the real issues, which lurks beneath the superficial social agendas.

“This is really a big attempt, rarely does a channel comes forward to take on such a radical show and radical thought, where a women discovers after falling in love with a man, she is married to, that her man is an undercover agent from Neighboring Country” says Ekta.

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