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Change the outlook‏

| March, 17 2015

HallaBol to showcase the story of a woman’s struggle against the people who disregarded her profession

HallaBol has always been an attempt to highlight the power of women who fight against the unfairness towards them in the society. The next episode of the show, will tell the tale of Megha, who is in the modeling profession, the one, which has always been looked down upon, in the Indian culture.

Megha, a talented and independent small town girl without her mother’s support and will, becomes a successful model in Delhi. When she returns to her hometown, to celebrate her success, her mother imposes a number of do’s and don’ts, while her stay. At a function, she meets an old family friend, Ashish. They eventually start having casual meetings, but in due course, Ashish tries to take advantage of her, however, Megha withdraws. This angers Ashish; he disrespects her and he accuses her of being one of those models who are easy to get. This issue leads to Megha’s parents demanding her to make a choice between them and her profession.

 How will Megha prove her parents and the society, that it’s not the profession, but people’s inferior outlook towards it, that should to be changed? 

Neelam Sivia will be seen playing the character of Megha and popular television actor, Karan Tacker will be seen hosting the show. 

Do not miss Halla Bol on 22nd March, 2015 at 6pm only on bindass

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