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Bathtub Video Was A Mistake, Not Publicity Stunt – Sara Khan

Ravi Sharma | June, 13 2018

Popular actress Sara Khan, who recently made headlines for all the wrong reasons, finally opens up about recent naked bathtub video which took the internet by storm.

On Tuesday, a nude picture of her in a bathtub started doing the rounds on social media and went viral in no time. The picture in question is said to be a screenshot, taken from a nude video of Sara, while she was having fun in the bathtub. Her sister Ayra Khan happened to record the moments and ended up sharing it on her Instagram stories.

Fortunately, the video was deleted by them within minutes of realizing the grave mistake but the damage had already been done as the video went viral within minutes.

Sara Khan spoke to media portal and cleared her side of the story. She said, "Being in a bathtub with your own sister is definitely not wrong," she said.

Sara also admitted that it was an honest mistake, she said, "Yes, it was uploaded by my sister but that was a mistake. We all are human beings and I am sure we all have done some mistakes in our lives. The moment we realized it wasn't a right decision, we deleted it"

When quizzed that some believe that it was done for publicity, Sara said, "Why would I indulge in a publicity stunt like this? I am a girl and I am accountable to my parents. And most importantly I don't die for making headlines with such cheap stuff. I have a lot to talk about my work instead to come in the headlines"

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