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Anurag Basu and Emraan Hashmi’s bromance on Cine Stars Ki Khoj

| August, 14 2014

Having worked on 3 films together, the two share a brotherly bond

Sharing a bond of over 10 years that only grows stronger with the passage of time, director Anurag Basu and actor Emraan Hashmi shared screen space for the first time ever on Zee TV’s India’s Best Cinestars Ki Khoj. Having worked with each other on 3 successful film projects including Gangster & Murder, Emraan and Anurag have always been a hit director-actor Jodi. The two of them were very excited at the prospect of catching up after long and judging the acting talent hunt show together!
Their camaraderie was something that caught the eye of the shutterbugs before they even entered the set. When Anurag first saw Emraan on the sets, he pounced on him and ended up jolting Emraan. Emraan, who was in a serious discussion with the creative of the show and started laughing and complained how long it had been since Anurag had taken out some time to meet him.
Taking care of Emraan like his younger brother, Anurag Basu ensured that Emraan had his food on time and got his breaks on time while shooting for the show. While Emraan was comfortably seated by Anurag’s side, each time he had to comment on an act done by the contestants, he would first discuss it with Anurag Basu and only then give his feedback. Apart from this, the two even shared little amusing anecdotes from the shoot of the films they have worked on together. Citing a moment from the shoot of Murder, Anurag and Emraan burst out in a spell of laughter when they spoke about how a scene from the movie Murder required Mallika Sherawat to give her number to Emraan. While Mallika gave away her actual number in the shot, she thought it would be edited in the movie. However, the scene was never edited which ended up in Mallika getting number of calls from viewers who till date call her and harass her.
While Emraan and Dada seemed to have a good time with each other on the sets, the contestants were thrilled to have Emraan amongst them for the shoot as well. Syed Mamoon – a contestant on the show, is a big fan of Emraan and ensured that he did not leave a single chance to floor Emraan with his flawless acting. Reciting Emraan’s dialogues to the tee, he and Emraan ended up in a jugalbandi of sorts on the sets.
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