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A tale of a women’s exploitation in the name of marriage, on Emotional Atyachaar

| January, 09 2014

This week, the show brings the story of a girl whose dreams broke after she got married to a heartless, insensitive man

Marriage is considered as the most sacred institution in our society, but these days it has become the easiest medium for exploitation of a woman’s sanctity. This week, Shaadi Mein Atyachaar will not only showcase the heart wrenching story of Zoya but will also make them cautious while deciding for arranged marriages. Having lost her parents in her early childhood, Zoya, a 25 year old girl lived in Hyderabad with her aunt and uncle. One EID evening, she met Asif for the first time during a function and impressed with both, their respective families decided to get them married.


Zoya experienced marital bliss as she was extremely happy with Asif and his family but, they never got intimate. Within few days, the newly wedded couple shifted to Dubai and this was the best phase of her life. But her happiness was short lived as she gradually discovered Asif’s insensitivity towards her and his disinterest in their marriage. This came to light evidently when she tried sharing her discomfort about a man who was incessantly flirting with her at parties, but strangely Asif gave her a cold shoulder. As time passed, Zoya did not leave any stone unturned and tired her best to keep Asif happy but unfortunately another incident took place that left her suspicious about her own husband. For the first time, she experienced discomfort with Asif when he forced himself on her and soon her pregnancy news turned her life upside down instead of bringing happiness. Asif immediately sent her back to Hyderabad stating that he was not able to look after her well but, on returning to India, Zoya started doubting Asif. When she tried sharing her feelings with her mother-in law, she was shocked to know the dreadful reality of her marriage and the conspiracies that were being plotted against her.

Zoya’s spirit and courage was at test but she emerged stronger in these tough situations and decided to expose and punish Asif and his parents for their unjust and torturous behaviour. How did Zoya fight back? What was Asif’s reality?

 To find out, tune into ‘Emotional Atyachaar 4’, this Saturday, 11th January 2013, at 7pm only on bindass!

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