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Viplav to stop Dhani and Tripurari’s wedding

Fatima Raheem | November, 14 2015

Colors popular show ‘Ishq Ka Rang Safed’ is definitely an eye candy for the viewers these days.

Now with the plot revolving around a major misunderstanding between Viplav Dhani created by Dasshrath is the cause for the rift between the couple.

And amongst the trouble, Dulari is all ready to get her daughter Dhani married to Tripurari as she thinks that he is the perfect match for Dhani.

But wait a minute.

There is a good news for all the lovely fans of the cute Jodi of Viplav and Dhani.

Viplav will get to know the bitter truth of Tripurari and Suvarna’s affair and hence, Viplav now wants to stop this wedding.

A source from the show revealed, “While Dulari (Garima Shrivastav) will consider Tripurari to be the best match for her daughter, all the Ashram inmates will gear up for Dhani’s remarriage ceremony, Viplav will be hurt with the decision. But, in the shocking revelation, he will learn that Tripurari has an affair with Suvarna, and she is pregnant with his child. On the other hand, Tripurari will not be prepared to take the responsibility of the child, hence will ask Suvarna to abort the baby”.

When contacted Dakssh commented, “I am not much sure about the upcoming track”

Will Viplav be able to stop the wedding?

Keep watching this space for more updates.

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