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“I am happy with my role on the show” – Sehrish Ali

Fatima Raheem | November, 06 2015

Gorgeous and talented actress Sehrish Ali who has enthralled the audiences with her performance as Chavi in Star Plus popular show ‘Diya aur Baati Hum’ is currently been In a negative role as Vishakha in Zee Tv’s show ‘Yeh Vaada Raha’ on Zee TV.

Sharing her experience of portraying a negative role for the first time Sehrish says, "I am playing a negative character for the first time on television and it's a very different experience for me. I am practicing to inculcate negative expressions in my acting. I have a habit of speaking fast but after playing this role, I have become more subtle while speaking. It's the first time for me, but I am loving it."

And we wonder what made her take up this role?

 "Vishakha will be shown positive in the beginning but she would only be pretending to be positive. She would eventually be seen showing her negative shades later on; sometimes crying, sometimes laughing and at times, in a mood of taking revenge. I felt that this character has so many graphs, and hence, I should do it. One of my friends did ask me, what if I keep getting more negative roles in future.. to which, I told her that as an actor, I should know playing both, a good role as well as a bad role. We should not be choosy about doing positive or a negative role."

"The other reason behind taking up this role has been that Vishakha is beautiful (laughs). I always wanted to do something where I can get a chance of use a lot of makeup and look beautiful. I am happy with my role on the show," quips the bubbly actress.

Well, we are definitely loving your negative character Sehrish!

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