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‘Change Aayega, Hum Laayenge’ tackles one of the most prevalent issues amongst youth: ‘Peer Pressure’

News Helpline | April, 26 2014

The upcoming episode of bindass’ Change Aayega, Hum Laayenge, showcases the never ending concern of growing peer pressure amongst the youth. Responding to peer pressure is a part of human nature; more people are likely to give in to it, while very few are able to stay firm and stick to their individual ideals and decisions. This week, the show will put some light on the ill effects of peer pressure and, through satire, it will highlight the importance of having individuality. The second part of the episode will feature an interesting social experiment to gather the reaction of the youth today.  
The parody is about a young, notorious boy Ranjit who enjoys extracting money from his parents. To fulfill one of his desires of enjoying with his friends, he decides to forge his own kidnapping in order to extract a lump-sum ransom from his parents.  While Ranjit is on with his old tricks, Yamraj Devta comes to take him to hell. But on the way, Yamraj gets a bad news and is extremely disappointed and upset. While consoling Yamraj, Ranjit pops his old trick of false kidnapping to him in order to become cool and happening. Initially Yamraj is against the idea, but with much persuasion he agrees and immediately calls Indra to falsify his kidnapping. The next day, Indra comes to rescue Yamraj along with a plan to catch hold of the kidnapper but to their shock, it’s all fake. Out of embarrassment, Yamraj confesses that he got influenced by Ranjit and learns that, in reality, he is loved by all. On hearing pleasantries about him, Yamraj realizes his mistake and apologies for his folly. 
The second part of the episode tries to projects a hard reality that exists around us. It showcases few young girls in a busy mall trying to pressurize one of their friends to commit a crime in order to be accepted and counted amongst them. The crux of the experiment is to see if unsuspecting visitors in the mall come ahead and intervene to stop the girls or would they be mere spectators.
To find out the reaction of the voters present, tune into Change Aayega, Hum Laayenge this Friday, 25th April 2014 at 6.30pm

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