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“I learnt to be more patient” – Aman Yatan Verma

Fatima Raheem | November, 24 2015

Popular actor Aman Yatan Verma who was a strong contender in Bigg Boss has been evicted from the house in a shocking nomination.

The actor shares his experience, journey and who he feels is a strong contender on the show.

Read on to know more.

Speaking about his journey on the show Aman shared, “Absolutely stressful! But I like to push myself to the boundary by doing such kind of shows. Also Bigg Boss is one of the biggest show on television, being hosted by my superstar- Salman Khan. For me the show was an eye opener.”

“I was not expecting that I will be out of the show at this point, I always thought that i would be among the Top 4. I was aiming to reach final stage, but the show is very unpredictable and there's doesn't no particular pattern to play. I mean, Rimi Sen, who was the Sanchalika during a task, didn't even play the task, but was still given the power to nominate, and on the other hand, Mandana was given the power to save someone! Also, Rimi Sen is been bashed on social networking sites and being told that she should leave the house, and is still getting the votes. My elimination was shocking and I am wondering who are the audience voting for.”

So who does he feel is the strong contender on the show and the lessons he has learnt?

“Rochelle, Mandana and Kishwer are the Strongest contestants of the house and will make it to the finale. There is no one strong among the boys, who is capable of winning the title of Bigg Boss!

I learnt to be more patient. There were many situations in the house where I controlled my feelings.”

Good luck Aman for your future endeavors!

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