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Mahika Sharma laments RBI for not using Gandhi's portrait on Indian currency

| October, 02 2015

On the eve of Gandhi Jayanti Young well known social worker and aspiring actress Mahika Sharma laments RBI for not using Gandhi's portrait on Indian currency.

Mahika tells, "Mahatma Gandhi is the father of our nation. The man will be the symbol of freedom to nation. No one else can take his place. Either Kisan Baburao Hazare or respected Prime Minister Narendra Modi . Walking over the foot step of Gandhiji is a kind of Fundamental Duties of Citizens of India. No doubt Hazare and Modi are also one among the figure who leaves moral for us. But reaching at Gandhi's place is not easy for anyone."

Later she adds, "I feel Gandhi can never be divided among the game of politics. And the one who tries pulling him into the game can never be a well wisher for our country. And Indian Government should take it as a crime and it should be a criminal offence and such activities should be forbidden and punishable by law."

"The portrait of Mahatma Gandhi is been seen at every government office and each Indian institutions. It is just for to make us remember that we are living independently only for him. It is very clear that money makes life more independent and free the same way Gandhi did. Therefore his portrait should be living till ages everywere. But according to media reports, some Rs10 notes were printed and issued by the Reserve Bank of India in the recent past do not have Mahatma Gandhi's portrait on them. What does it means? Someone is dreaming or planing to replace Gandhi by his/her portrait? One should think about it," She concludes.

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