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"Load Shedding" on Zee Bangla Cinema.

Harsha Masand | December, 14 2015

Zee Bangla Cinema to premiere Load Shedding.

‘Load shedding’, which revolves around the protagonist Atolanto, a 14 years old Bengali boy, and his little life entwined with the power cut of 90s Kolkata.

Directed by Soukarya Ghosal, the film captures various integral chapters from the life of Atolanto-ranging from how he, along with his sister, was groomed under the guidance of their joint family members; how he fell in love with a girl who disliked Kolkata for its power cut and how he finally inspired her to start liking the city of joy and made her fall in love with the intense moments which he gifted her in the power cut afternoons.  

When the love triangle of Atol, Papiya and Kolkata was just perfectly placed, the story takes a u-turn with an accident which takes away Atol’s vision.

Little Papiya promises not to leave him and encourages Atol to fight the ‘Load Shedding’ of his vision. She tries to relate his blindness with Kolkata’s power cut and reminds him a word which he himself had once said to her – “Load shedding happens not for sufferings but to realize the value of light when it would come back again”.

The cast of the story include Riddhi Sen, Meghla Dasgupta, Bidipta Chakraborty, Aporajita Ghosh, Animesh Bhaduri, Arka Sinha, Joydeep Kundu, Amrita Mukherjee and Barna Raha.

Watch this innocent love story with a social message on 13th December (Sunday) at 9 pm on Zee Bangla Cinema.

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