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"I have always been thinking to bring up the culture and trends of Assam" shares Mahika Sharma

| July, 27 2015

The hot and young actress Mahika Sharma talks about her home state Assam. Mahika who was miss teen northeast and adding a pride of her social face. Actress now show her interest to up bring her Assamese culture either in television series or in Bollywood movies. The gorgeous and beautiful actress who is always in gossip for her Indian look. Wishes to showcase 'Mekhela Chador" and "Bihu Dance" on national view via telly series and movies.

Talking about the state Mahika shares, "Assam - the very mention of this word brings to one’s mind the delightful blend of culture, heritage, faiths and beliefs of the innumerous ethnic tribes and sub-tribes residing in this region. The culture and tradition of the state, its music, dance and literature are all interwoven into the social fabric and cross all barriers of caste, creed and religion. In fact, a mention of the rich tradition of the state, without referring to the diverse lifestyle, arts-crafts, fairs and festival of the people residing therein, would be as good as incomplete."

When asked about the culture of assam. Mahika shares, "The diversified culture of Assam can also be attributed to the influence of the different dynasties and empires that resided in the region in different eras. Around 45 different languages are spoken by different ethnic communities within Assam. However, the principal language of the state is Assamese, regarded as the lingua franca of the entire northeast India. The major festival in Assam is Bihu, which is celebrated by all, irrespective of their caste and creed. Some other festivals celebrated with pomp and grandeur within the state are the Baikhu and Pharkantis of the Rabhas, Ali- ai ligang by the Misings and the Me-dum-me-phi by the Ahoms."

Talking about the religion in Assam. Mahika tells, " Religion is an integral part of any community or society, necessary for its development. It is often considered as an organized approach for leading a fulfilling and happy life. The religious community of Assam mainly comprises of Hinduism, Islam, Christianity, Sikhism and Buddhism. Apart from this, various indigenous groups also follow Animism, Tantricism, Brahminism and Vaishnavism. Despite such vast differences in their religious faiths and beliefs, all the people within the state live in perfect peace and harmony with each other."

Talking about her intrest the actress shares, "I have always been thinking to bring up the culture and trends of Assam i.e. assamese culture, as we see that industry pulls and showcase the culture of Rajasthan, Punjab, Bihar, UP even the states of south and bengal. So why not Assam? I am trying my best to introduce my assamese culture around and for very sure it carries soo many creatives and intresting ideologies that people will love it."

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