Wed, 06 Dec, 2023
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I always wanted to do a globe-trotting film like Indiana Jones Says SS Rajamouli on his upcoming title

Ravi Sharma | June, 26 2023

India’s most recognized director SS Rajamouli has opened the doors of Indian stories around the world. Along with grand landscapes and fables perfectly narrated on a backdrop of action, Rajamouli is not just elating Indian Cinema but is also introducing Indian stories with varied narratives. We can all agree that he is an absolute visionary shaping the action-heavy genre in India. 
Rajamouli shares a deep connection with Indiana Jones in building outstanding environments. In a recent interview, expressing his motivation behind creating globetrotting franchises, he said "I always wanted to do a globe-trotting film like Indiana Jones or the world of Dan Brown's books. My father is currently sketching a film on the adventurous thematic genre. We have not yet finalised the script, but the work is underway," Furthermore, revealing more about the film he added, "My next film with Mahesh Babu will be a globetrotting action adventure. It’s going to be a kind of James Bond or Indiana Jones film with Indian roots," The film titled SSMB 29 is expected to hit the silver screens by 2025.
On plans of expanding SSMB29 into a sequential globetrotting franchise, writer and SS Rajamouli's father said "It is along the lines of the Indiana Jones series. It will be an adventure-action drama, with lots of emotions, like Raiders of the Lost Ark [1981]. My script should be complete by July, after which I will give it to my son. We hope to make it a franchise, but who knows? We are leaving the climax open-ended, thus exploring the possibility of a sequel”, To which a source added, "Both the writer and director felt it could be developed into a franchise with the central character leading each edition. Other key characters could join him in the subsequent instalments."
SS Rajamouli has spellbound global audiences and filmmakers alike. During the Oscars, Rajamouli had an opportunity to converse with his all-time favorite director/ producer Steven Spielberg. Appreciating RRR, Steven said, “Well I have to tell you, I thought your movie was outstanding. I hadn't seen it when we met, but I saw it last week and it was just amazing. I couldn't believe my eyes. For me, it was like eye candy”. He further added, “A beautiful visual style and I just thought it was extraordinary to look at and experience. So congratulations for 'RRR'”. 
Bringing vivid characters to life in adventurous titles such as Baahubali, RRR, and Magadheera, Rajamouli has truly mastered the craft of adventure films, and what could be a better treat for us viewers, than a film heavily inspired by Indiana Jones, living and breathing in an Indian story? We’ll get to know soon!!
Indiana Jones And The Dial Of Destiny will be releasing a day prior than the US release, witness the action adventure in theatres across India, starting 29th June, in English, Hindi, Tamil and Telugu

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